Scott Heckel


Scott is a contract Software Engineer out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota (both Minneapolis and Saint Paul) specializing in JavaScript and .NET development. He has 15 years of experience in development and a Masters of Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

.NET Development
15 Years
of Experience
Masters of
Software Engineering


Finding Your Way Through Beacons

Ever wanted to add some proximity based enhancements to your mobile application? Beacons are special low energy Bluetooth hardware that allows an application to communicate between a transmitter and reciever. Because the two devices have to be physically close, you can bring in some location based enhancements to your mobile applications.

Untangle Your Front End Development with Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has enhanced the VS tooling to support the front end development standards. In this session, we will setup a web project and learn to utilize node, npm, grunt, gulp, sass and bower to get our website up and running. Never heard of those tools before? Don't worry. We will cover that too.

Progressive Enhancement – The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated

The web was meant to be enjoyed by everyone and progressive enhancement is a strategy that will allow all of your users to enjoy the same content. We will take a hands-on look at how the concept of progressive enhancement of JavaScript will enhance your customers experience with only a little extra thought and elbow grease from your development team. Finally, we’ll take a look at where progressive enhancement sits in the modern world of single page applications. Basic HTML, JavaScript and CSS understanding are fundamental to this talk with some brief server-side content (ASP.NET and Node.js discussed).


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